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What is E.G.G.O. even for?  Its purpose is to :ahem: stimulate minds, encourage conversation, and voice your opinions. :wink: Not really. We just have some sort of perverse pleasure discussing sick things. :shrugs: We can't help it.

E.G.G.O. Motto

If I twist it anymore, it'll rip!----said by Winnie in an exciting game of "What did you say?"

The E.G.G.O. Song (which has a double meaning!)

(sing to the tune of "My Bonnie lies over the sea")
 Waffles at breakfast,
Waffles at lunch,
Waffles at dinner,
Waffles at brunch.
Waffles are tasty,
Waffles are good,
Waffles don't taste like,
A piece of hard wood.
To quote Dumbledore,"Ah, music! A magic above all others we teach here!"

Extremely Gross Girls Organization