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We (by that, I mean the staff) love a lot of things. (Which include Devin ;) )  We'll show you pics of the things we love.  Sadly, I have no picture of Devin as of yet. :sniffles: I'm ok! :cries hysterically:
Oh, come on! There are plenty others!  And only you love Devin, Angela.
What? How could anyone not love him?
Ooh, put that line in a chapter of Lovers in Harry Potter World.
I already did, Winnie.
Anyway, he has acne!
Only a few pimples here and there! :glares: Why can't we just go on with the page?
Yeah, lets.
Okay! Can we have Malfoy on the page?
:Everyone looks at Asylum and shakes head: 
Anyway, maybe later on I'll let us have seperate pages for our obsessions.

Wrong line.

This wasn't made by me! Don't sue me!

In other words,!

We love the computer!

Bob Hope's Movies! (Not that anyone besides Angela has seen one)

We know have our own pages! Woohoo! Yayness! And heeeeere they are!

We are obsessed.

Extremely Gross Girls Organization