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Who's in E.G.G.O.?

                                                The Staff


Name: Angela Dawne
Job: Webmaster
About me: Hey! My best friends are Winnie,Kimberli, Asylum, and Eleanor! Like my pic? ;)  So, boys, how about it... :wink:
我是一个非常好, 全能, 谦逊的女神。您真正地需要崇拜我, 因为我真正地是做您的洗衣店的人。鬼, 正确? 我知道。I'm 一个了不起的人! 您需要和平和岩石如没有明天! 噢, 呀, 我并且是跳舞的岩石女神! 记住, 崇拜我! That means:I am a very nice, omnipotent, humble goddess. You really need to worship me, because I am really the person who does your laundry. Spooky, right? I know. I'm just a great person! You need to peace out and rock on like there is no tomorrow! Oh, yeah, I am also the rock goddess of dancing! Remember, worship me!


Name: Kimberli
Job: Founder
About me: Hi! Love the pic, Angela! :) Anyway, I once pretended I had no idea who Angela was. And with good reason. ;)


  Name: Winnifred (Winnie for short)
  Job: Secretary
  About me: I'm like Princess Addie in The Two Princesses of Bamarre. According to Angela. :)

Eleanor and Asylum

Name: Eleanor
Job: Journalist of stories, reviews, and dreams
About Me: Hi! I once electrocuted myself! And I liked it! :) I'm insane. ;)
Job: Takes adventures with Eleanor
About me: Hey! My name's Asylum, because I belong in one! lol Wait... are you making fun of me?

So, like us? Once we have more members, we'll fill this page up fast! Hurry and join! Please? :begs like a puppy: ;)


Extremely Gross Girls Organization