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Angela Dawne's Blog
27 July 2005
Mood:  not sure
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Topic: Today
Okay, I'm not going to be updating this blog anymore, as you can see since I haven't updated for over two months. I have a new blog, which has my rants and raves, though I may make one that I just post entries from my journal in.

I don't want to delete this blog, since I want it for reference.

New Blog:

I hope some people read this blog over the short time it was up and kind of liked it, though I'm sorry you had to wait so long for updates.

Thank you for the comment, whomever said I rocked. I really don't, but I thank you, anyway.

Thanks for everything, too, Tripod/Lycos. It's really good that you can have a free service, and it has helped me learn design, etc.

Yours, for the last time, Chelsea.

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10 May 2005
Mood:  irritated
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Topic: Friends
Wonderful day at school. -coughs-

Apparently, a girl (who I will not name, because I just /know/ one of my classamtes are going to come upon this site one day) had sex with a guy before school.

She thinks, of course, that she might be pregnant, which would serve her right in my opinion. The guy (also a no-namer) used protection, but if the condom was in his wallet (because he takes one around with him everywhere) for a long time, it could be broken or worn thin.

Thankfully, I can, in my sick sort of way, still make light of this situation. Because I am Angela Dawne, non-serious-girl-that-makes-every-serious-situation-funny-somehow. My best friend Catherine (NOT THE ONE WHO SLEPT WITH THE GUY; that I will tell you), was like, "What if this tears them apart?"

So I said, "No, I think it will make them [i]closer[/i]." Then I started laughing in that way that says "I don't even think this is a funny joke, but whatever."

I vowed to not tell anyone, but I think the many that read my blog (ok, ok, only ten or so) don't care. =) Hrm. I may tell Omi, simply because she was pregnant before she got married, so she wouldn't freak out as much. Shoot, Dad's home. Bye!

Comments are helpful.

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7 May 2005
Mood:  happy
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Topic: Dreams
It's free comic book day, so my siblings are over there at the comic book store, while I stumble over to the computer and groggily type another entry.

How did I ever get up this early?

Last night I talked to Justin on the phone, which was great. He was watching Blade, a movie about vampires (he told me), and I was outside. My feet were cold, I was scared a vampire was going to attack me, and was basically miserable, but then we had a fascinating discussion on why every single gay person in our grade wants to hold his hand. It's really quite disturbing.

I had a dream two nights ago, however. My omi was in the car with me, and this carriage thing of criminals was ahead of us. One of them opened up the lock, and tried to shoot me, but I ducked, and then they shot my omi. She died, but it wasn't that sadsadsad, and I didn't wake up right after, it was just...I have no idea. She said something to me, and...

Anyway, I went to my house, or something, and looked in the mirror, where I had on a dress, and saw something that looked like burns on me, but was, in fact, blood, oozing from my shoulder, where the criminal had apparently succeeded in shooting me. I wasn't even worried about it. It didn't seem quite real to me. I mean, obviously it wasn't real (it was a dream), but...still. Then I went to my uncle's and told him Omi had died, and said he knew and joked like I had done it. I fell quiet and ashamed. As if it had been my fault.

Really, it was an interesting, if quite awful, dream.

Nothing else has really happened to me, because, as you should know by now, I don't lead an exciting life. My life is boring, but not /that/ boring. Yeah.

I've been selling yearbooks at school in the morning, so I've had to get up at seven thirty. Arg. That's not a big deal to most, but to me, yes, it was a very big deal.

I go to bed at 10:30-11 pm on school nights and 3 am, the other nights. I wake up around 8:05 on school days (have to be there at 8:30), and 12-2 pm on weekends. However, I've been waking up at 10 these past few weekends. I hate it when I do that.

I've created another website. It's Woohoo.

No homework this weekend, thank the gods.

Over and out.

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Updated: 7 May 2005 1:37 PM CDT
5 May 2005
Excuse me?
Mood:  chatty
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Topic: Friends
Hey, who is ""? Please tell me! I would desperately like to be their friend. Thanks for commenting, by the way, if you're reading this! I tried to email you, but your email wasn't valid...

I hope I find out who you are, my friend. =D

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29 March 2005
Sick as a Dog Left in the Rain
Mood:  don't ask
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Topic: Books
Arg. Being sick really blows.

I read a good book, though. It's called "Midnight for Charlie Bone". I need to get the other books, though!

I think I'll create a livejournal today.

I think I'll be sick tomorrow.

I think I should get in pajamas.

I think I should watch some more Twilight Zone.


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20 March 2005
I love him so much. -goes away dreamily-
Mood:  flirty
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Topic: Love life
I love Justin!

Here's our conversation, that scarred Missy for life:

Justin: You like Devin?
Me: -sarcastically- Oh, yeah. I want to get knocked up by him. It would be an honor to carry his child, you know.
Justin: -laughing- Yeah, I dream of it every night.

Yeah... I think I'll ask him to the dance. My friend Catherine called me a coward, because I didn't ask him when everyone was around. Meh, I say, MEH.

So. I'll talk to you later.

Of course, we know Justin is going to come to this website/blog/thing by some coinceidence, and be freaked out. -sighs-

Created by: ronrocks92 at 12:08 AM CST
Mood:  happy
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Topic: Family
My cousins came over last night! They're staying for four days! -holds up three fingers- Heh.

I get excited easily. Ah, well.


That was Missy. She says hi. Duh.

I haven't said "duh" for about two years. Hmm.

Well, I shall post later, but with a new subject. Until then, tata!

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11 February 2005

Mood:  not sure
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Please sign my petition if you agree with it. Thank you!
My Petition

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Yar! (Others: What the :expletive deleted: ?)
Mood:  chatty
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Topic: Today
Yay! My friends sleep over tomorrow night! Woohoo!

I just started a new story on It is awesome.

Today was a good day at school.
We had many funny conversations. Here's the day:

First Hour (Science): Boredom. Utter boredom.

Second Hour (Language): Poetry! Fun! I am NOT a nerd! :pouts:

Third Hour (PE): Blast! Boys win EVERY GAME. Who said that girls stick together? They DON'T. In some respects, I'd like to be a boy. Ah, well. After PE, Kim and I were running a bit late (but no big deal, since lunch was next), and the coach asked if we needed a pass. At the exact same time, we said: No. We have lunch next.

Fourth Hour (Lunch): Rainy day, so when Kim and I were walking to lunch, I said I felt like Mary Poppins with the umbrella and all. She started to sing "A Spoonful of Sugar", so I joined in. We stopped when Winnie started looking at us weirdly. (Well, weirder than usual.) Then we stood outside the door of the cafeteria (since the third- and fourth-graders go in first) and I taught them "Oh, Azkaban". 'Twas fun.

Fifth Hour (High Math): Sub. (Mr. Mann. :grins:) I couldn't get done with the coloring worksheet because he talked too long at the beginning of class. Eh, Mrs. Ruiz will let me make it up.

Sixth Hour (S.S.): Mr. Greene told us about the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1800, or whatever. Unconstitutional, just like the Patriot Act. Ach. Anyway, he said that the gov. is also monitoring some websites, like terrorist ones. Here's one conversation from that:
Me: Woah...there are terrorist sites?
Winnie: Yeah.
Me: Like ""?
Winnie: No, like "".

Here's another:
Me: Gods, that's unconstitutional.
Kim: I know what we can do!
Me: Yeah! Escape to Germany while we still can!

Seventh Hour (High Reading): Today is our reading day, so we read until 15 minutes before the end of class, and then saw the last of "30 Years of National Geographic". Best school movie ever. :grins: Sick, really. Especially the parts with things like "The male lets her decide if she wants to become sterilized." Ah...okay. The people in those cages, while SHARKS are near are just, ugh, stupid. Jane Goodall is a freak. (D'arvit--I just lost the nature-ish people reading this.)Then those people with the grizzly bear. Here's the conversation:
Narrator: He must decide if he should risk another injection of sedative. The bear may react badly to it. ... He decides not to.
Fellow Scientist: He's breathing faster. You may want to WATCH HIM.
Bear: :starts attacking car, etc.:

Everyone in class was like: Hahahahaahhahhahahahhaha! Those stupid scientist guys!

Eighth Period (Study Hall): :Shrugs: Nothing really happened.

Created by: ronrocks92 at 6:49 PM CST
5 February 2005
Mood:  blue
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Topic: School
I got on the Scholastic Bowl team! :is a bit happier:

Created by: ronrocks92 at 5:33 PM CST

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