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Hilary Duff Lip Syncs

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Here's the rant that's going to earn me the most hate mail. Am I right?

Here we go.
Hilary Duff lip syncs. How do I know? I've listened to her songs. I have seen a couple episodes of Lizzie McGuire. She DOES NOT sound the same.
I understand that you don't sound the same when you sing and when you talk, but's just not natural.
Has anyone seen the Lizzie McGuire movie? She lip syncs so much in that, it's not even funny.
Personally, I don't mind when they're doing a concert and lip syncing, because it really has to be hard to dance like that and sing, without getting all hot and sweaty. But when she just waves her arms, etc., I get ticked.
Or on a CD. Get a grip! It's a CD. You don't have to lip sync!
That is all.