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Ron and Hermione: Shipper Obsession

 WARNING: This site is for Ron/Hermione shippers. If you are a Harry/Hermione shipper, don't flame this site. I would advise H/H shippers to leave this site. Anyway, why would you come to a site you're going to hate?

   Hi! I'm Angela Dawne (soon to be famous writer), and I'm a total R/H shipper! Yes, I am an obsessed shipper(hence the name of this site)! To learn more about me, go to the bio page.
   I also have a page of evidence for Ron/Hermione and links to sites where I got my info (and just plain awesome sites!). If you have questions, comments, concerns, or flames, go to the email page.
                  Thanks for coming!

           Quote of the week:
"They might have to chop it off."
                                   ~Ron Weasley
                                    Prisoner of Azkaban (Movie)


            Weasley is her king. And man, does she know it.

Ron & Hermione Forever