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Chapter 1: Confessions
"Harry, I have a confession.....," Ron said to me. "What?" I was nervous about the upcoming quiz, and really didn't want Ron bothering me. "When... those dementors came... I heard things, too..." I was listening intently now because (A) I hate dementors, and (B), Ron hardly ever gets to the point quickly. "What... kinds of... things, Ron?" I was careful to phrase my question carefully, because once you say the wrong thing around Ron, you won't hear the end of it. Ever.

Apparently I said the right thing, because Ron kept going without hesitation. "Well, they're...kind explain." Well, almost without hesitation. "See, my life... isn't the best. I've had to deal with a lot." Now I was really interested. He may not have been rich, but I never thought he had a bad life. After all, he had Fred and George as brothers. So what could he have heard?

"See, I was never up to my brothers' standards. Except for the time I got to be prefect, which was only because Dumbledore thought you had enough to be going on with." Gulp. "I've never really done anything." Time to clutch at straws. Whatever that means. "What about the quidditch game? You saved almost every single goal!" Ron sighed. "Harry, that was the best moment of my life. But any one of my brothers could have done better!" Ron can really be a downer. "But, Ron, what do your brothers have to do with the things you hear?" "Well...." Oh, great. Time for class.

It is a very good thing Hermione is in my first class, because I was too busy thinking about Ron to concentrate on defense spells. But what would Ron hear when the dementors got too close? Wait... he's not still sore about the acid pop Fred and George gave him, is he? Yeah, it'd hurt to have a hole in your tongue, but you don't cry over spilled potion. I'm not sure that fits, but hey. "Harry Potter? What is the patronus charm?" Think, think... "Expecto patronum." "Good. Five points to Gryffindor." Hey, maybe I should let my mind wander in class more often.

Anyway, after Defense Against the Dark Arts(which we hardly need now, since I defeated Voldemort in Sixth year), we went to Potions. I can not let my mind wander here.

So after almost horrifying torture (well, not too sure about almost), I went to Transfiguration and, hey, why don't we cut to when I go to dinner? Nothing happens today at classes.

At dinner, which was delicious, Ron hardly glanced at me, but he did a lot of glancing at Hermione. I didn't think much of it since they're going out, after all. But at the common room, Ron got into bed way faster than usual. And when I jerked his covers open to ask what was wrong I just saw a toad sitting in front of me.

Author's Notes:

Hi! This is my first fic, and man I did not plan for that ending. Oh well. Anyway, please give me a review if you want but if you don't, what ev. So, um, email me or something if you want the next chapter or if you don't. I don't think you'll want the next, since this one sucked and was shorter than my Author's Notes. But, hey, some may like it, which would mean a lot to me, so email me please. Vielen Dank (that's german) and see ya!
Chapter 2: What?

"What the -?!?" I yelled. Was this Ron? Or was it just a frog? "Harry?" it croaked. I, ah, think it was Ron. "Ron? Is that you?"

"Yes. My brothers put this curse on me because I was just a runt to them. I... turn into...this once a month." "Must be that time of the month again," I commented dryly. (Author's Note:Total OOC Harry!) "Har, har," croaked Ron. "Go to bed." And I obliged.

The Morning

Ron was all right today. But is that what he hears when dementors come near? Him screaming to not be cursed? Or something else? I'll have to ask him tonight. I know Hermione thinks I'm ignoring her. Ron didn't ignore her today, though. In fact, he and Hermione were gone for an hour, and when I asked about it, he mumbled something about it not being my business and prefect duties.

That Night

"Ron, was that what you hear when you're near the dementors?" I was sitting on his bed. "Yes... I hate it."

That's the end of that adventure.

I think.

But Ron has been known to lie.

Author's Note: Sorry for the short ending. It's just I have a great story, with 6 chapters already done! Yeah! Go Angela Dawne! ; )

Anyway, review please!

Well, that was a rather stupid ending, don't you think? This is a finished fic, so please don't whine for an update in your review.

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