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(Roger: Romeo?) Um, yeah.

I own

Roger's heart

(Roger: I wasn't aware you were Doctor Frankenstein.)

I own

Roger's soul

(Roger: I was even less aware that you were God.)

(Roger: Is that a fairy thing from Neopets?) Yeah, the best one! The SPACE faerie!!! (Roger: You sounded so like Atom there, it wasn't even funny.)
(Roger: It's a cat...with wings.) No. It's a faerie Kadoatie. (Roger: ...)
(Roger: A crocodile.) No, it's a Krawk! (Roger: Close enough.)
(Roger: A cat.) Nuh-uh! It's a wocky!
(Roger: A dragon.) A Shoyru.
(Roger: A tiger.) It's a Kougra.
(Roger: Some frog thing.) Quiggle.
(Roger: Bird?) Pteri.

Quiz Results

What quotes best describes YOU.
Name / Username
Your quote when you start panicking: "This is still just the culture shock. You wait till I've settled down into the situation and found my bearings. Then I'll start panicking."
Your best pickup line: You must have a mirror in your pants, 'cause I see myself in them.
The slangish thing you say most: Dude.
What you want to do now: Take the quiz again so you get better answers.
This fun quiz by ronrocks92 - Taken 5 Times.

New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

Actually, Roger said that pickup line right after I took the quiz. Guess what we did afterward?


What's wrong with the both of us.
Favorite color:
Age you
How tall you are:
Do you like penguins?
What quote (of mine) should be our catchphrase: Want to hear something really grody?
What language we both speak: Something technical sounding, so people think we're geniuses.
What personality quirk we share: We dislike anything in "fashion", unless we liked it before.
What we should do: Learn karate, so we can impress people.
How compatible we are: - 3%
What one thing people hate about us most: We don't know when to shut up.
This QuickKwiz by ronrocks92 - Taken 4 Times.

New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Ooh, I like it when people think I'm a genius.

All About You!
Name / Username
Your catchphrase is Yummy.
You are Stupid.
Your ideal occupation would be A dancer.
You colour is Purple.
You speak German.
Someday you will Kiss a dog.
This QuickKwiz by ronrocks92 - Taken 3 Times.

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Yeah, I don't kiss dogs.

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 19%
Kissing Skill Level - 50%
Cudding Skill Level - 10%
Sex Skill Level - 88%
Why They Love You You have a way with words.
Why They Hate You You bite.
This fun quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 1646457 Times.

New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

-asks Roger- Do I bite? (Roger: Yes, but in a good way. A very good way.)

Harry Potter M.A.S.H.
Name / Username
Married too... Persy
You Live Together in... the Shrieking Shack
Your Gringotts Vault is... half-empty
Together you have... 2 kids
Together you have a pet: pigeon
You have a job as a Professor at Hogwarts
This QuickKwiz by MissMaryPotter - Taken 16858 Times.

New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

I'm pretty sure "Persy" is Roger. Do you think we'll have two kids? (Roger: You know what you do to get kids?) Living with you, how could I not? (Roger: If we get to do that, I think we'll have more than two kids.) Sounds promising.

Which KND guy falls in love with you?
Name / UserName
Who: Numbuh One
When... ...he sees you in a mission
How he tells you: He seduces you with his accent and clothes.
What do you do then: Laugh.
This cool quiz by Natty-chan - Taken 3279 Times.

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Insanity Quiz
How crazy do you think you are?
How crazy are you really? - 28%
Likelihood of being tackled and stuck in a straitjacket? (8) - My reply is no. - (8)
Money bet on you being nutso? $7.13
This QuickKwiz by angeltigress2003 - Taken 1726 Times.

New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

(Roger: You're wild in bed, if that's any consolation.)

How Slutty Are You?
Favorite Movie
Lucky Number
Number of people you will sleep with in your lifetime 1
Slut - O - Meter - 54%
This quiz by NewEnglishMutt - Taken 482 Times.

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(Roger: I'm the only one you'll ever sleep with?) Yeah. Depressing, isn't it? (Roger: -smacks me playfully-)

Harry Potter Love MAtch
Favourite Color
Your House Is.... Slytherin
You Will Date.... Draco Malfoy
He Will Take You To.... The Common room (he is way to cheap!)
He Will Kiss you on your... 1st date (he likes to go fast)
He will call you again..... NEVER SO GET OVER IT HE HATED YOU!!!
The Date was overall.... Perfect
This cool quiz by w00tgrl07 - Taken 694 Times.

New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

I'm pretty sure that was the most contradictory quiz I've ever taken.

Where will you be?
Full Name
In 5 years you will be pregnant
In 10 years you will be a mother of 14
In 20 years you will be retired
This cool quiz by omg - Taken 5787 Times.

New - How do you get a guy to like you?

(Roger: Told you we'd have more than 2 kids.) But...14...? (Roger: That means sex....a whole lot of sex...) Stop drooling on the keyboard, Roger.

How good of a pirate are you?
Pirate Name
Favorite Weapon
Favorite Drink
How dirty of a fighter are ye?
You will be the most feared of all!! - 83%
You will die of mutiny within a week! - 28%
Rate at which landlubbers pee themselves at the sound of your name - 54%
End up drunk with power and end up poor on the streets - 52%
How crafty you are with pillaging - 0%
This cool quiz by FUNKSPICE - Taken 130 Times.

New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

(Roger: You don't fight, you make love?) Seriously, Roger, stop drooling!

Your day at DisneyLand!!
Favorite Color
Favorite Food
People who think you are sexy: - 43%
How many stalkers you will have: 41
How much you will be offered for sex: $44.59
Creepy old guys will follow you around: FALSE
You will be felt up in FantasyLand TRUE
You will make out in AdventureLand: FALSE
This QuickKwiz by Starlet448 - Taken 1215 Times.

New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

(Roger: Sorry I couldn't offer more; I didn't have my credit card with me.)

Which Delicious Man of Fiction Would You Bed?
Favourite Color
Your Man Is.... Edward Scissorhands...mmm...leather
You Will Wake Up... Completely satisfied
Surprise! Nine months later, expect a little hellion...might we suggest reform school?
This quiz by Krykiet - Taken 32965 Times.

New - Help with love and dating!

(Roger: No!!!)

what color are you?
Name / Username
your color is orange- spicey, bold, hungry
This QuickKwiz by farsidefemale - Taken 1601 Times.

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(Roger: Know what I'm hungry for?) -rolls eyes- Sex? (Roger: -innocently- No, tacos. Why would you think sex?)

what sex position are you?
Full Name
your sex is ? rough
you like sex.... long and romantic
your position is.... missionary
This Quiz by smurfs_oh_yeah - Taken 42133 Times.

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(Roger: That's accurate.) Roger, you just grossed all the visitors out. (Roger: That's what I'm here for.)

Are You A Good Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
Your Full Name
Your Age
Your Favorite Color
Your Favorite Animal
Your Fave Type of Kiss
Farthest You
You are a: Abhoring significant other
You will get screwed by _______people 2241
People love you because You're perfect for them
You are this sexy: - 22%
This fun quiz by Shining_Star - Taken 4557 Times.

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2241? I might get screwed that many times by you, Roger, but not by that many people. (Roger: You know it.)

Love or ... dislike..
Your Name
Their Name
Your Favorite Color
Their Favorite Color
random 3 letter word
so in love .. are we two? TRUE
your love is worth $15.48
i believe anything could happen.. (8) - Without a doubt. - (8)
This cool quiz by __missouri - Taken 23 Times.
How good are you at pleasing others
Pleasure skill - 75%
This quiz by Tack - Taken 239 Times.

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We had a pleasing time last night, didn't we? (Roger: Good was "awesome". Can we do it again?)