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The Life of Anna

Getting in the Girls' Dorm

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 "What are we gonna do today, Harry?" I asked, as we woke up to another wonderful Saturday morning. Harry yawned and got out of bed.

"Hello? Earth to Harry," I said, waving my hand in front of his face. He grinned.

"How about some things Fred and George would be proud of?"

I laughed.

"Harry?" I choked out, still laughing insanely."The only way Fred and George would be proud of us is if we..." I trailed off, as an idea came to me. "Somehow made it into the girls' dormitory!"

"What? Ron, there is no way we could get in there! Well, maybe..." He rummaged through his trunk and got out the invisibilty cloak and the marauders' map.

"Okay, we'll use the map. We'll use the invisibilty cloak so we aren't seen. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." I came and looked at the map.

"Well," I declared. "There is only one way we are going to get in there." I pointed to a section of the map.

"The room of requirement. You know, I bet there's a key or something for the girls' dorm. So, all we have to do is go to the room of requirement and concentrate on something that we can get in with." Yeah, I was pretty smug, but it's not like Hermione was here to help us think up a plan. As if we could ask her.

"True," Harry admitted. Then he smiled.

"Let's get over there!" I wasn't too happy on how eager he sounded. Did he want to see my sister in her skivvies, or something? Well, can't say I was going up there for good reasons, though. God, Hermione. I wonder what she sleeps in? My mind flipped to an image of her starkers.

"Ron? Why are you drooling?" Harry asked.

"No reason," I answered, my voice cracking a bit. I wiped my mouth. Ugh, I had been drooling. I quickly got dressed. Harry smirked.


Harry just hummed a bit. Once we were both dressed, he whispered,"Hermione..." in a sing-song voice. I glared at him, although my ears were turning red.

"Let's just get to the room of requirement, shall we?"

"Yeah, yeah. You always spoil my fun," he told me, pretending to pout. I laughed. Soon we were at the room of requirement. Both of us quickly did the ritual, and voila! Inside, we found a key. With a note next to it. I read the note out loud.

"'Cut! That's a take!" the director shouts.

Always have a spare key with you.

While you're at the dentist's office, don't scream, because you'll scare the little ones.

Watch where you're going, especially when you go up the stairs.

4 5 12 13 14 15 35 36 37 38 39"

"Bloody note. How are we supposed to figure out this?" I questioned angrily. Harry just shrugged. Just then, realization dawned on him. He grabbed the note from me and tapped some words.

"Ron!" he shouted excitedly. "I know what it says!"

"What? How?"

"The numbers tell you!" I backed a little away from him.

"Harry, you've gone insane. You know that, right?" He sighed.

"Ron," he said impatiently. "Okay, '4' means 'take', because it's the fourth word shown. Do that with every word and you get 'Take the key with you while you go up the stairs.'"

"Right..." I muttered.

"Time to go!" I cried cheerfully. We ran out of the room, hurtling towards the Gryffindor common room at breakneck speed. Once inside, we pulled on the invisibility cloak and entered the room.

It was wonderful in there, in a rather perverted way. I will never forget it. Okay, I didn't look at any girls other than Hermione, but hey! She was the best person to look at. Although Harry wasn't so keen on it. Ah, better than looking at Ginny all day long.

A/N: Stupid? Yes, I know. And I'm pretty sure this could never happen. Ah, well.

This is a ONE-SHOT! I will not be updating! Reviews are welcome, however.