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The Life of Anna

Together forever?

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  Chapter 1

"Hi, Harry!" Ginny yelled, hugging him tightly. He was spending a the summer with the Weasley's, while he bgan his auror training, and started saving up for a place of his own. He had money in his vault, of course, but he still wanted to spend time with the Weasleys. He had fun there. Voldemort was gone. Thank the gods. Harry could now:

A) Court the girls


B) Shag like a bunny.

Only problem? He loved Ginny. Well, in his mind he loved her. Really, it was lust he was feeling.

But teenage hormones can get you ever so confused. A crush will equal love. Ah, well. "Hey, Ginny," he suavely replied. Promptly after this, he tripped. Ginny giggled. Harry could be suchan idiot sometimes. Harry got up and laughed nervously. Fred and George, lugging in all of Harry's things, grinned evilly at eachother.

Very evilly.

"I'll take you to your room," Ginny said. "That would be," Harry spotted Ginny's chest and gulped. "Great, just great," he finished, his voice cracking slightly. He followed Ginny (who was holding back laughter. Not well, but at least she was trying.) up the stairs.

Fred and George went to their room. "Reckon we ought to help them get together?"

Late that night, while everyone was sleeping, Fred and George snuck out into the hall. They were clutching dungbombs.

They entered Ron's room. Ron jerked awake.

The presence of Fred and George can do that.

"Whassat?" he mumbled. Okay, so maybe he didn't quite jerk awake. George whispered,"The spiders, Ronald... If you sleep, you will be spared." Fred added, quite eerily, a "OoooOOOooooh". That did the trick. Ron passed out.

The rest of the night went by without, er, incident.

"Our work here is done," Fred said to his brother. "Quite right," George replied. They slept soundly.

They awoke to the sound of screams.

"Aaah! The spiders, the spiders!" Molly sighed and walked into Ron's room. Obviously a nightmare. He panted. "Mum, the spiders! They-they put dungbombs in my room!" She told Ron to go start breakfast, and that she would be there in a minute. He nodded, and left to make cereal.

It was the only thing he couldn't burn.

Ginny wrinkled her nose and left to find Molly. "Mum? Fred and George put dungbombs in my room." Molly nodded, sighing slightly, and said,"Believe me, I know."

Fred and George got out of their room and started yawning theatrically. "What happened?" Fred asked, stretching his arms.

George turned and said,"Mum. What a wonderful, er, surprise."

"Do you know what you've done?" George turned to Fred, who shrugged. He looked back at Molly.

"No, afraid not."

"Every room, boys. Every. Room. Except for yours, of course."

"And yours," Fred was quick to point out.

"Well, I'm very grateful," Molly said. "It's going to take me at least a week to find all those dungbombs, not to mention clean them up! And all of you are going to sleep on the couch! Yes, even you," she added menacingly.

George whined,"Aw, mum. It was just a bit of fun."

"Leave your fun for the joke shop, then."

"Well...even if we can't get our room, what about Harry and Gin? They could use our bunk bed. Ginny's a girl and Harry's the just makes sense," Fred said. Molly thought about it.

"Well, they can. But you both get the living room floor. Get in the kitchen for breakfast." They left, and Molly thought a bit more. Yes, it was fine if Harry and Ginny slept in the same room.

After all, Harry was like her son.

He wouldn't do anything to Ginny.

A/N: Oh, no. My story ist zehr voraussagbar. Er..."is very predictable". Sorry.

Anyway, is it possible that someone could do fanart for this fanfic? If you would, please contact me, or tell me in a review. Thanks!

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